Reconstructing the Jones Log Barn


In 2004, the Trust had entered into a formal agreement with the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors to place the re-constructed Jones Log Barn at the Anthony Wayne Drive entrance of Wilson Farm Park rather than at the park’s Lee Road entrance as part of a proposed entrance building.

Though Trust members were extremely grateful to the Township for providing a location at Wilson Farm Park, when the opportunity arose for the log barn to be reconstructed on the foundation of another historic barn located near the home of another Revolutionary War General, it needed to be considered.  In collaboration with the Board of the Duportail House, Inc., the Trust decided to reconstruct the Jones Log Barn upon the stone foundation of a barn that had been an addition to the Federal Barn located on that property.  That portion of the Federal Barn was lost in a fire in 1985 and the foundation remains.

This seemed like a more fitting site for the reconstructed Jones barn and it will have much greater historic context at this location.  Both Duportail House and the Federal Barn are listed on the National Register of Historic Properties. Duportail House appears on the List as Cressbrook Farm and notes that General Louis Lebeque Duportail, General George Washington’s field engineer, had quartered at this home during the Valley Forge encampment.  The Township supported the Trust’s decision and recognized that it represented the creation of an exciting future for these special historic resources in our Township.

The Jones barn will be rebuilt as it was when the logs were first laid over 230 years ago.  Imagine walking through that ‘old log barn’ and learning about our agricultural heritage through ongoing exhibits – all within the framework of the barn’s amazing architecture and history.  Imagine all that it will become while at the same time discovering what it once was.  Imagine the new Living History Center at Duportail!

For further information about the Living History Center at Duportail Campaign and how you might get involved, please send an email to or call Pattye Benson, the Trust’s President at 610-644-6759.

Historic Campus

The campus of historic structures includes Duportail House, Federal Barn and the Jones Log Barn.