About Us

logo_colorized(2)The Trust is a nonprofit organization established in 2001 in response to the threat to demolish the historic eighteenth century Jones Log Barn. The Trust’s mission is to preserve and protect historic and cultural resources in Tredyffrin Township for the benefit of present and future generations and to educate the public about the preservation and protection of historic and cultural settings.

A major attraction planned for Tredyffrin Township and the local community is the rebuilt historic Jones Log Barn as a living history museum. Visitors will experience the Jones Barn and the Trust’s historic exhibits and artifacts, as well as lectures, demonstrations, community functions, children’s activities.

Once rebuilt, the Jones Log Barn will operate on a seasonal basis. The Jones Log Barn will be rebuilt on the Duportail House property in Chesterbrook next to the historic Federal Barn. The Jones Log Barn will join the 18th Federal Barn and the Duportail House to create the Living History Center at Duportail, an historic enclave for the community to visit and enjoy.

Below is photograph of the Federal Barn on the left and the stone foundation of the Jones Log Barn on the right.

Jones Log Barn January 2015 foundation